High Potential Academy: Alumnus Talent Development program

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Why is our Talent Development program valuable for you?

Read the references of our Potentials and Alumni. Next up: Floor (Graduate Financial Economics – Deals Associate PwC)

Reference Floor: Alumnus Talent Development program

´During my Masters, I was questioning myself: What are my competences? What are the options on the labor market? How does this relate to each other and how do I choose right?´

“I felt a pressure to make the right choices. High Potential Academy brought me a lot of confirmation. High Potential Academy offers an objective environment in which you can say everything out loud & you are challenged in this. For me this was very affirmative. 

I had a proper idea about what I like and want to grow to, but I was over-analyzing this. High Potential Academy gave me the tools to move forward in the right direction. I have my story figured out, this helped me a lot and led to a successful application at PwC.”